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Camera Basics #18: Megapixel explained

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The love story of sensor and lens

When the highest craftsmanship and optimum image quality come together, the result is - Hasselblad. This is especially true in the field of medium format cameras, because historically, medium format goes back to the size of the 120 film that was used for the Hasselblad in its day. Home game medium format: The H5X, a product with special versatility, offers full compatibility with HC and HCD lenses (for example, HCD24, HCD28 and Zoom HCD35-90) and True Focus technology that supports autofocus. Hasselblad is introducing a new chapter in the medium format category with the H6D, with an all-new electronic design, i.e. not a variant of the H5D types, with either 50- or 100-megapixel sensors - celebrating the company's 75th anniversary. This type of camera is also capable of video, the smaller one films in Full HD, the larger one in 4K (Hasselblad Raw UHD). Operation and design have also been revamped. Hasselblad, a company that has its own experience of being sent to the moon, is finally sending out a new generation of cameras with the brand new X1D a mirrorless system camera with a medium-format CMOS sensor that measures 43.8 by 32.9 millimeters. Features: Hasselblad quality, but no larger than a small-format rangefinder model, compactness, high carrying comfort, good usability via touch screen, new HCD lenses, lens compatibility for H-System users, memory card ports, USB, and a supposed weight as light as Swedish crispbread: 72 grams. Mobility and flexibility are the magic words with which the camera manufacturer, whose customers have the highest demands and are accustomed to an incomparable level of quality, is now also appealing to customers who have previously shopped in the full-format sector with significantly attractive prices.