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Never miss an angle again, thanks to 360?

Insta360 offers the perfect action cams for breathtaking 360-degree shots. Whether for extreme sports, traveling or everyday life - with the innovative action cams from Insta360 you can capture every moment and experience it from all angles.

Insta360 Actioncam in mini format

Why a 360 degree action cam from Insta360?

1. All-round view
With a 360-degree camera, you won't miss a single detail. You record your surroundings in their entirety and can decide afterwards which angle looks best. This gives you the freedom to share your experiences exactly as you experienced them.

2. Incredible image quality
Our action cams deliver crisp 5.7K video footage and stunning 18MP photos. With advanced stabilization technology, your footage is always clear and smooth, no matter how wild the adventure.

3. Ease of use
Insta360 action cams are user-friendly and intuitive. With the practical smartphone app, you can edit and share your recordings immediately. Various recording modes such as timelapse, slow motion and HDR ensure creative freedom.

4. Robust and waterproof
Our cameras are built for extreme conditions. They are shockproof, waterproof and can even withstand extreme temperatures. Whether you're diving, climbing or skiing - your Insta360 is always with you.

5. Innovative features
Experience exciting features like the Invisible Selfie Stick technology that makes it look like the camera is accompanied by a drone. Use AI-powered editing to create professional videos in seconds.

Still have questions?

Then our expert advisors will be happy to help you choose the right Fujifilm camera or the right Fujinon Lens. You are welcome to visit our Branch in D?sseldorf or use our service telephone on 0211 - 17 88 00.

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