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Item Nr. 13356
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Leica Q2 Monochrome

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Guide to the best compact cameras 2024

When you think of a compact camera, you might think of a Leica Q, Ricoh GR or Fujifilm X100, but there are many more cameras that can be described as compact cameras. The compact camera can look back on a long history in which many brands were represented.

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Leica Q3 black

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Take it anywhere - the Leica compact cameras

Whether on vacation or at home, everywhere you encounter moments and scenes that you want to capture for the future. With Leica compact cameras, these very moments can be captured and retained with pin-sharp clarity. Due to their dimensions and the resulting compactness, it is easy to take the camera everywhere. Small cameras, great performance: The size of the Leica compact cameras does not restrict the resulting image and video material. Excellent image quality is therefore the norm for all images.
It is impossible to imagine the world of amateur and professional photography without Leica. This is mainly due to the unmistakable quality of the products, as well as the know-how and commitment that goes into every production. The right camera for everyone: Thanks to the wide product range of the Leica compact camera series, there is something for everyone, from amateurs to professionals.
Taking the perfect picture is no longer some kind of sorcery with these cameras.