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Fujifilm - Unparalleled Lens Quality

Fujifilm's lenses for the Fujifilm X-series represent a premium lens collection in terms of high-end execution, image quality, design and feel that will delight both the photo amateur and the professional. Fujifilm relies on pleasingly compact lenses in the class of system cameras with X bayonet, which are also particularly robust and weatherproof due to Fujifilm's material decision for metal. To the delight of many photo enthusiasts, the manufacturer has equipped its lenses with lenses that - recognizable by the abbreviation WR - are particularly dust-proof, splash-proof, and hardened against cold, i.e. suitable for snapshots in any weather, even at sub-zero temperatures, and still score with terrific imaging performance. Fujifilm has thought of all the wishes of the amateur or professional with its lenses: thanks to the cooperation with lens manufacturers such as Meyer-Optik-G?rlitz, Samyang, Walimex and others, macro, fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto zoom with fast and quiet autofocus, some with high-speed motor and fixed focal length or pancake are available for all tasks such as close-ups, landscapes, animal shots, sports photos or portraits. System camera lenses marked with the letter combination OIS feature an image stabilizer. The manufacturer is clearly setting new standards with the lenses for digital medium format cameras with the new G bayonet, for which the manufacturer has announced even more innovations in the world of high-end lenses.