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Camera Basics #22 - What are chromatic aberrations?

We have already written so many technical blog articles about the basics of photography and videography, but we have not yet talked about one of the most well-known optical errors (aberrations), chromatic aberrations.

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High quality lenses from Pentax for sharp pictures

Only with the right lens a camera is complete. This is best achieved when the camera manufacturer and the lens manufacturers work hand in hand; as has happened with Pentax. With a view to the wide-ranging product portfolio, the lenses for Pentax cover all the possibilities of amateur and professional photography and leave hardly any wishes unfulfilled.
You have the choice between different fixed focal lengths, but also zoom lenses:
for example, a fixed focal length for portraits, a zoom or a telephoto or megazoom for shots in the distance, such as in sports or wildlife photography, a motorized zoom for video shots or a macro for close-up photography and finally a wide-angle lens for an angle of view that exceeds the usual width of the human eye, as is the case with landscapes, architecture or panoramas. As diverse as the lens portfolio is, so are the options when it comes to choosing the right camera. Pentax has both Single-lens reflex cameras with a sensor size in APS-C format, as well as full-frame cameras, rounded off with a Medium format camera. This is also known by lens manufacturers such as, among others LAOWA, Samyang, Sigma, Tamron and Walimex appreciate this very much and are in close exchange with Pentax in the continuous development of their lenses. So that there are no limits to the joy of photography, a high quality of workmanship and a corresponding feel is a constant standard for lenses for Pentax.