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Illuminants & flash tubes

Replacement flash tubes for studio flashes

It can happen that the flash tube of a studio flash is broken, typical reasons for this can be the following:

  1. During disassembly / assembly of the softbox
  2. Material fatigue
  3. End of life

That the flash tube is defective is no reason to replace the flash immediately, because replacement tubes are available from many manufacturers at reasonable prices.

Replacement lamps for modeling lamps

Depending on the studio flash, the modeling lamp can also break sometimes due to a mishap. But most of the time, these lamps are more likely to break due to the use itself. Since the lamp is mostly exposed to high heat inside the softbox. This happens even with LEDs, because even these still produce some waste heat, these nevertheless usually pose a lower risk of defect.

What brands do we carry?

We carry replacement studio flash bulbs for some brands like:

  • Godox
  • D?rr
  • Kaiser
  • Walimex
  • Profoto
  • Helios
  • Rollei
  • Falcon Eyes
  • Caruba
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